Sunshine centre

We serve children and youth living with disabilities

From those on the Autism spectrum, Down’s Syndrome to Cerebral Palsy we help them grow and become contributing members of our society.

Our Vision

Started in 1996 with 9 children

We now provide direct services to more than 150 children. Everything we do is premised on a strength-based approach to push every individual forward to their greatest potential.

Their Story


He is the sweetest and most loving young boy. Dimitri was born with spina bifida and uses crutches for mobility. He is extremely intelligent and he attends our school readiness (Grade R) Dolphins class.

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Their Story


Poppy is an athlete of note, a national and international one for that matter. She has represented Namibia at the Special Olympics in Greece a few years ago and brought home a gold medal for the 100m sprint! She is set to compete at the Special Olympics in the USA again in 2023

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