Directed Growth

Special Needs Education & therapy

We help facilitate Early Childhood Development and school readiness classes for children living with special needs between 3 and 8, as well as Classes for older children and youth with physical, metal and sensory disabilities.

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Job preparation

Skills training & Job Creation

We help to develop job readiness skills for those with potential to access the job market. From life skills development, arts & crafts, Woodworking for male youth and needle working for the females and more.

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serving the psychosocial needs

Psychosocial Support & social work

Creating community social work services aimed at disability inclusion and serving the psychosocial needs of persons with disabilities through Nutrition, Child and Youth welfare, cultural development programmes and more.

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A goal of financial sustainability

Livelihoods for Disability Empowerment

We run a catering, fully fledged bakery and Gardening project that raises income towards our operational needs and our goal to become more financially sustainable and provides job opportunities for workers with disabilities.

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